Job Responsibilties:

  • Responding to Emergency Calls: EMT-Bs must be able to quickly respond to emergency calls and assess the patient's condition
  • Should be able to work effectively in high-pressure situations and make critical decisions quickly
  • Providing Basic Life Support: EMT-Bs are trained to provide basic life support measures, such as administering oxygen, performing CPR, and controlling bleeding
  • Transporting Patients: EMT-Bs are responsible for transporting patients to medical facilities for further treatment. Must ensure that patients are transported safely and comfortably, and that they receive appropriate care during transport
  • Maintaining Equipment: EMT-Bs are responsible for maintaining medical equipment and supplies, such as defibrillators, oxygen tanks, and medications. Must ensure that equipment is properly cleaned, sterilized, and ready for use at all times
  • Documentation: EMT-Bs must keep detailed records of patient assessments, treatments, and transport. Must be able to communicate this information effectively to other members of the healthcare team and maintain accurate records for billing and insurance purposes
  • Community Outreach: EMT-Bs may also participate in community outreach programs, such as providing CPR training to the public or participating in health fairs. You may also assist with disaster response efforts


Relevant skill set includes Communications, Customer Service, Data Entry, Data Management, Critical Thinking, Patient Assessment, Patient Treatment, and Documentation


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