Nurse Practitioner, Cardiothoracic
Nurse Practitioner
New York, NY
Roles & Responsibilities: -Provides acute/primary health care in accordance with written policies approved by nursing and medical administration. Assess the health status of patients/families by means of comprehensive health history and physical examination. -Initiate selected therapeutic and diagnostic procedures, consultations and laboratory examination, prescribe and alter medication regimens, interpret findings, and alter the plan of care according to collaborative practice agreement and protocols in designated area. -Provide teaching and counseling in the areas of health promotion, maintenance, disease prevention, and management of acute/chronic illnesses. -Document findings and plan of care in the patient’s medical record. -Consult with physician as established in the collaborative practice agreement. -Perform a patient record review with the collaborating physician in a timely fashion -Advocate for patients/families and support patients’ rights. Requirements: -Registered Nurse License AND Certified Nurse Practitioner -Master’s degree program designed to prepare a registered nurse to provide acute/primary health care services or the successful completion of an approved supplemental education program -Completed a pharmacy component AND been instructed in New York State and federal Laws relating to prescriptions and record keeping -Collaborative practice agreement with a physician and designated protocols, both filed with the New York State Department of Education.

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